Robert is CEO of aurum+, which he co-founded with Dr. Charles Akle, following on from the positive results the team were seeing in the M. aurum research that related specifically to cancer and inflammatory stress conditions.

Robert is the founder of a biotechnology incubator called 7 Trinity Biotech. 7 Trinity Biotech partners with the brightest minds in science and medicine to create solutions that address some of humanities greatest health concerns. 7 Trinity Biotech leverages the latest technology and combines it with the forefront of medical, scientific and clinical research to bring health and wellbeing solutions to our global community.

He believes that our society has been burdened by a sickness-based paradigm which comes at a great cost to the global economy but more so to the individuals who are suffering from ill-health for far too long. Robert's overarching goal is to break this paradigm and ensure a future where optimum health is the norm for everyone.