After one week

Subtle changes.

aurum+ will have an instant impact on the inside, by starting to bring down the inflammation markers in your blood. But you will not feel discernibly different on the outside straight away.  After a week, you may begin to notice subtle changes, such as feeling more ‘chill’ than usual.*

After two weeks

Positive effects.

Anxiety symptoms and stress-like behaviour start to reduce. Natural fear extinction and coping ability starts to increase. You may feel less daunted or overwhelmed by things.

After four weeks

Reduced inflammation.

Your inflammatory responses will begin to ‘calm down’. You may feel like you can cope with life better, feel less stressed and flappable when faced with a challenge.


It’s you, plus.

aurum+ will continue to support your immune system and keep stress induced inflammation down. Its ongoing efficacy is due to its homeostatic effect, meaning (if taken daily) it has the ability to maintain a stable environment inside your body, despite changes to your external environment.